Capturing Reflections: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Photographing Unique Souvenirs for the WA Museum

Embark on a visual journey behind the scenes as we delve into the captivating world of photographing the WA Museum's unique souvenir collection, where creativity triumphs over reflections to deliver a stunning array of professional images for their online store


Mougi Tsogt

12/6/20232 min read

In the world of photography, every project comes with its own set of challenges, and my recent assignment with the WA Museum's souvenir collection was no exception. Tasked with capturing the essence of intricate jewelry, gleaming metal water bottles, and reflective coins for their online store, I embarked on a creative journey to overcome the complexities of reflections and deliver a set of professional and visually compelling photographs.

The Reflection Conundrum: Photographing reflective surfaces, such as jewelry and metal, presents a unique challenge due to unwanted reflections that can obscure the details and distort the true nature of the items. The reflective nature of coins, in particular, added an extra layer of complexity.

Creative Problem-Solving: To tackle this challenge head-on, I experimented with various lighting setups to minimize reflections and highlight the details of each item. For jewelry, I strategically used diffused lighting to create soft, even illumination, reducing harsh reflections while preserving the sparkle of gemstones.

Innovative Angles and Perspectives: One key to overcoming reflection challenges was exploring unconventional angles and perspectives. By carefully selecting shooting angles and adjusting the placement of the items, I managed to capture unique reflections that added artistic flair to the photographs without compromising the clarity of the souvenirs.

Mastering the Art of Diffusion: For metal water bottles, where reflections were more prominent, I employed the art of diffusion. Diffusing light sources helped create a smooth, even illumination on the surface of the bottles, minimizing harsh reflections and showcasing the sleek design and branding details.

Post-Processing Magic: In the post-processing phase, I utilized editing techniques to fine-tune the images further. This involved selectively enhancing details, adjusting highlights and shadows, and refining the overall composition to ensure each photograph conveyed the quality and craftsmanship of the museum's souvenir items.

The Final Results: Through a combination of creative problem-solving, innovative angles, and strategic use of lighting, I successfully captured the essence of the WA Museum's unique souvenir collection. Each photograph tells a story of craftsmanship and history, inviting online visitors to explore the intricate details of jewelry, the sleek design of metal water bottles, and the historical significance of the coins.

Conclusion: Photographing reflective items for the WA Museum's online store was a delightful challenge that allowed me to push the boundaries of creativity. Overcoming reflections through innovative techniques not only resulted in professional photographs but also showcased the museum's souvenir items in the best possible light, inviting online visitors to appreciate and acquire a piece of history.

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